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Witte has combined the 200 or 700 series Classifier with its Fluid Bed Dryer/Cooler to provide one unit capable of meeting up to five of the following objectives:

  1. Air Classification - almost total removal of any minus 20 mesh "fines" including those statically held as well as the removal of any "ribbons," "streamers" or "angel hairs."
  2. Cooling - pellets can be quickly cooled from 220 degrees F to 120 degrees using 90 degree ambient air.
  3. Surface Drying - residual surface moisture up to 2% can be removed using ambient air if the pellet temperature is 200 degrees F or higher. Lower pellet temperatures may require heat. Note: These units are capable of drying nylon down to 0.05% immediately after pelletizing.
  4. Chip Removal - any remaining larger "fines" would be removed using a wire mesh screen.
  5. Oversize Removal - our traditional perforated deck would, finally, remove any "oversize."

In addition, Witte now offers a combined 400 series Dewaterer/Dryer/Cooler/Classifier in a single unit. This is ideal for friable, glass filled resins or products that cannot be run on a spin dryer.


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