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The Witte clamp is one of the clever design elements that make our equipment easy to access and clean. It permanently mounts onto equipment to deliver up to 750 pounds of clamping force yet easily retracts with one hand. Removing and re-connecting covers, doors, panels and hoods from machinery and equipment are fast and easy. There is no need to struggle with steel bolts, carbon steel clamps, toggle clamps and other fastening systems. If you need both a tight seal during operation and easy operator access for quick cleaning and maintenance, this clamp is for you.

Witte Advances:
  • Grips steel, aluminum, plastic, composite, wood and other materials
  • Accommodates multiple material thicknesses
  • Stainless steel yoke and roll pin mounting assembly permits opening and closing without detaching from the equipment
  • Top-mounted, ergonomic handle seals and releases without any tools
  • Proper tension sets with one hand
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction resists corrosive environments

New Sanitary Clamp!
Now the innovative, Witte clamp is available in 100%, FDA-approved 303 stainless steel to meet USDA regulations and 3-A standards for the food and dairy industries. It's ideal for machines and equipment where cleanliness and sanitary considerations are paramount and where HACCP Quality Assurance Programs are followed. It opens easily for instant access to the entire machine or system for inspection and cleaning thrives in Clean-In-Place (CIP), Steam-In-Place (SIP) and manual washdown conditions.

For a free spec sheet featuring these clamps, call 908.689.6500.


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