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Witte Vibrating Conveyors gently and safely feed, move and screen dry, granular, free-flowing, and non-free flowing products efficiently and cost-effectively while protecting product integrity.

Witte Advances:
  • Dust-tight covers featuring Witte clamp
  • Performs with up to eight-degree uphill angle
  • Entire unit may be mounted on casters for portability
  • Floor supported or suspended overhead
  • Sanitary stainless steel designs with continuously welded seams available to aid USDA, FDA and 3-A standards and regulations
  • Flanged ends invite inspection, ease cleanout
  • Material which enters first, leaves first
Standard rectangular widths: 11", 17", 23"
Standard tubular diameters: 6", 8"
Call 908.689.6500 for custom sizes and materials.


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