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Witte vertical airflow engineering

Advanced Air Distribution System Generates Vertical Airflow at Constant Velocity for Uniform Drying

Witte System Eliminates Dead Spaces

Innovative Engineering Ensures First Product In Is First Out (FIFO)

Washington, NJ: An advanced air distribution system in fluid bed dryers designed by processing machinery and drying equipment manufacturer The Witte Co., Washington, New Jersey ( features precision, CNC-punched air distributors placed below the dryer deck to generate a consistent, vertical air flow at constant velocity. Directing uniform air flow perpendicular to the dryer deck throughout the entire length of the fluid bed without requiring a reduction in pressure, the dual air distributors prevent the formation of dead spaces that commonly occur when air flow is angled or inconsistent, such as at the deck sides and feed and discharge sections.

Essential for drying temperature-sensitive foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and minerals and materials requiring a fixed moisture content at discharge, the innovative air distributors enable process engineers to virtually eliminate the conditions that cause product charring and degradation. The result is a thin layer of product in intimate contact with the air flowing delicately and evenly from feed to discharge, with the first product in as the first product out.

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