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Autoweirs Permit Real-Time Bed Depth Adjustment to Deliver Unprecedented Control of Retention Time in Fluid Bed Drying, Cooling

Witte Innovation Makes Dryers Flexible And Versatile

Full Flush Flow With Retention Time Control

Washington, NJ: Autoweirs designed and developed by processing machinery and drying equipment manufacturer The Witte Company, Washington, New Jersey, feature pneumatically operated radius gates that automatically rotate 60 degrees upwards and above the decks of the company’s fluid bed dryers and coolers on a cycle timer to permit real-time adjustment of bed depth and retention time. Delivering unprecedented flow control, the Witte autoweirs (patent pending) enable process engineers and other operators to accelerate or slow the rate of product advance during operation to achieve desired specifications for moisture content, shape, purity, crystalinity and other parameters.

Essential for optimum drying and cooling of sesame seeds, spices, sugar, bread crumbs, croutons, flour, cereals, rice, vanilla beans and other sticky, extruded and expanded products as well as plastic pellets, limestone and other products, the Witte autoweirs promote flush cleanout, prevent the formation of dead spaces and ensure plug flow; first in first out treatment (FIFO). Ordinary fixed weirs, by contrast, trap product, block flow and cause the formation of dead spaces that lead to product degradation.

The Witte autoweirs, by permitting on the fly changes to bed depth from ½” to 3″, for example, enable food, dairy, plastics, pharmaceutical, chemical and other processors to dry and/or cool a diverse range of products on a single system. The result is added versatility and flexibility, faster changeover with less downtime and increased production rates with reduced material waste.

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