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You don’t have be a Fortune 500 chemical company like these Witte customers to formulate success with Witte. If you manufacture or process chemicals of virtually any kind, rely on Witte for:

  • respcareCompliance with EPA regulations
  • Easy personnel access to entire system for cleaning
  • Unmatched designed-in safety and cleanability
  • Meeting exacting specifications for moisture content
  • Decades of dependable, whisper-quiet operation
  • Energy savings
  • Solvent recovery
  • Product recycling and waste minimization
  • Instant access to skilled Witte executives

Responsible Care is a registered trademark of the Chemical Manufacturers Association.

Control 100% of Exhaust with Witte’s Closed Cycle Drying

chemicalWitte’s closed cycle fluid bed drying systems feature a design that cools the exhaust air to condense and reclaim solvents and/or water for reuse without exhausting any air┬áinto the atmosphere. Powders are processed down to 10 microns and an integral bag collector on top of the fluid bed dryer captures 100% of entrained product, returning the material for further processing rather than losing it as waste. With flammable solvents, nitrogen may be used as the process gas to eliminate the need for explosion vents or suppressant systems.

With Witte’s designed-in cleanability, access to every inch of the entire system is quick and hassle-free. Changeover is fast, maintenance is infrequent, operation is smooth and uninterrupted, safety is improved and operators are happy. And with clean, compliant equipment, cross-contamination of materials and regulatory stress are virtually eliminated.

These systems are self-contained on compact footprints and can be installed in existing facilities without disrupting the processing lines or adding personnel.