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Witte retractable mounting clamp

Clamp Design Creates Tight Seal While Permitting Speedy Removal of Machine Covers, Doors and Panels Without Detaching

Retractable Clamp Eases Access, Speeds Cleaning And Maintenance

Washington, NJ: An innovative clamp by process equipment design and manufacturing firm the Witte Company, Washington, New Jersey, features a clever design that permanently mounts to equipment to deliver up to 750 pounds of clamping force yet easily retracts with one hand to permit the speedy, easy removal and re-connection of covers, doors, panels and hoods from machinery and equipment. Replacing steel bolts, carbon steel clamps and other fastening systems, the Witte clamp is ideal for use on conveyors, mixers, dryers, ovens, labelers and other processing, packaging and material handling machinery and equipment requiring both a tight seal during operation and easy operator access for quick cleaning and maintenance.

Effective for gripping steel, aluminum, plastic, composite, wood and other materials, the Witte clamp features a stainless steel yoke and roll pin mounting assembly that permits the clamp to be closed and opened without detaching it from the equipment. A top-mounted, ergonomic handle seals and releases without any tools, enabling the engineering, operations and/or maintenance personnel to quickly establish the proper tension with one hand without the struggle commonly associated with toggle clamps.

Forged of stainless steel and aluminum, the sanitary Witte clamp resists corrosive chemical environments and earned USDA approval for operation in many food processing, manufacturing and packaging applications.

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