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Witte Cleanability

See the view from inside a fluid bed dryer with the cover lifted for access. Witte dryers, coolers, classifiers, conveyors and other process equipment are designed with easy access to the interior for cleanability.

Witte Systems are Cleanable by Design

Our customers know to expect high performance, dependable machines. But few customers fully appreciate the bottom line impact of our design for cleanability until they are in full operation on the plant floor. That’s when the returns take shape in faster changeover, reduced maintenance, smoother operation, improved safety and happier operators.

Every Witte machine from the most Spartan vibrating conveyor to the most advanced, integrated fluid bed drying, cooling and separating systems and everything in between features a designed-in commitment to instant access and easy cleaning. Witte often mounts the entire fluid bed drying section on rails, enabling operators to pull it out like a drawer for easy access to the entire section. Witte also offers an innovative hook and hoist system enabling a single operator to raise the entire fluid bed drying section, exhaust hood and deck hands-free using a motorized, push-button hoist. Only Witte delivers unimpeded access to the entire interior and exterior of every system, a critical factor in today’s regulatory environment.

Cleanability Hinges On Witte Clamp

Witte retractable mounting clampThe Witte clamp is one of the clever design elements that make our equipment easy to access and clean. It permanently mounts onto the machines and easily retracts with one hand. Instead of toiling for an hour or more removing and replacing nuts and bolts and primitive toggle clamps for machine cleaning, a single person can access an entire Witte machine in minutes thanks to the Witte clamp. Removing and re-connecting hoods, screens, covers and other parts are fast and easy.

The Witte clamp is available for sale to OEM’s. For a free spec sheet, call 908.689.6500.