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Vibrating Fluid Bed Coolers

Witte Vibrating Fluid Bed Coolers utilize the same technology and operate in the same fashion as our fluid bed dryers.

Sharing many of the design features as our Fluid Bed Dryers, Witte Vibrating Fluid Bed Coolers have been improved and refined to become one of the industry's leading coolers. When compared to other types of coolers that rely on indirect contact with a liquid cooling medium, the heat transfer coefficient is many times greater, which allows for much smaller equipment size. 

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Fluid Bed Cooler

What is a Fluid Bed Cooler:

Fluidized bed coolers consist of an enclosed vessel with a porous conveying surface extending from end to end. The porous conveying surface allows air to pass up through it and the vibrating, flowing bed of materials. With this type of action, a high degree of product buoyancy or fluidization occurs, resulting in maximum air contact with the particle surfaces. The material is handled gently, there is a negligible amount of product degradation. These Coolers typically operate continuously. Batch Fluid Bed Coolers are available for processes that require single-batch processing.

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Some Additional Features of These Coolers Are:

  • Cooling air can be ambient, chilled or conditioned for moisture sensitive applications. Airflow can vary independently every six feet of cooler length for flexibility.
  • Control of retention time and/or bed depth is provided through the use of weirs inside the cooler.
  • Controlled exhaust air assures uniform vertical air flows and eliminates high horizontal air currents near the bed which disturb the material flow.
  • Complete ease of cleaning is an essential design feature. The cover can be quickly raised allowing full access to the conveying surface and other cooler internals. 
  • Cooling sections can be combined with drying sections to have one integral unit. 

Sizes and Capacities:

As a leading fluid bed cooler manufacturer, Witte builds fluid bed coolers according to your application. Sizes range from 6 square FT to 162 square FT for a single unit. Variables such as product moisture content, material throughput, air temperature, and airflow rate determine dryer size. Capacities vary from a few hundred pounds per hour up to 30-40 tons per hour.

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Typical applications of Vibrating Fluid Bed Coolers:

The unique features of Witte Fluid Bed Coolers make them suited for very broad and diverse product applications.  

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Fluid Bed Cooler

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