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Save Energy, Cut Costs with Witte Systems

Reuse, recycle, renew. It feels good to be environmentally responsible but it feels better when it cuts heating costs by up to 30%! Imagine what you could buy with an additional $25,000.00 in your budget.

Witte designs energy-efficient fluid bed drying systems that recycle heated exhaust air back into the system. First, Witte engineers assess a slate of parameters to determine the feasibility of recirculation such as the exhaust air moisture, the amount of air to be recirculated and the required processing temperature. Then data is gathered in the Witte testing laboratory and analyzed. Once recirculation is deemed practical, Witte engineers devise the ideal system.

One such system developed in 2001 for a major consumer products company recycled the air through a continuous pulse jet dust collector mounted atop the dryer and reheated the exhaust through a natural gas burner. The system cut energy costs by 20% by recirculating 50% of the outlet air. Further, by recirculating 50% of the air, the Witte system cut the amount of exhaust air released to the atmosphere by 50%.

In some cases, a cross-flow heat exchanger may be used to preheat the incoming fresh air with the recycled exhaust air. In other cases, a cyclone may be added in the upstream portion of the dryer to accommodate large particle sizes or wet feed materials with low dusting levels. A host of custom options are available to suit virtually any product.

Witte Energy-Efficient Systems Ideal for:

  • Food/Dairy
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Minerals
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Wastes
  • And more!