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Vibrating Process Equipment Fluid Bed Dryer/Cooler with Integral Bagtop
Fluid Bed Dryer & Cooler Solutions

Fluid Bed Dryer & Cooler With Integrated Baghouse

For products that are made up of small particles, often less than 250 microns, Witte engineers developed a fluid bed cooler or dryer with an integrated baghouse that eliminates the problem of fines being carried out of the dryer with exhaust air. The integral baghouse fluid bed incorporates a reverse pulse baghouse dust collector directly overtop the drying chamber. All product is kept together as a result, negating the need to recycle fines from a remote dust collector back to the process.

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Fluid Bed Dryer & Cooler With Integrated Baghouse

Dryer Details

This fluid bed dryer and cooler with an integrated baghouse works well in a closed-loop drying process. Closed loop drying is used when an inert drying gas has to be used or when it is not desirable to exhaust drying air to the atmosphere. Moisture or solvent is condensed out of the airstream before reheating to complete the loop.

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What's Included

Unique features and benefits:

  • Fluid bed unit is caster track mounted to separate itself from the stationary upper baghouse portion allowing complete interior cleaning.
  • Access to baghouse bags can be side entry or top access depending on facility.
  • Construction can be gas tight for closed loop inert gas applications.
  • Heat energy can be saved by recycling up to 50% of the process air in drying applications. 
  • Will meet strict environmental regulations with regards to air emissions. 
  • Reduces overall equipment footprint by eliminating remote dust collectors.

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