Manufacturer of drying, cooling, classification and related vibratory process equipment


With consumers demanding consistent product quality and uniformity and governments around the world tightening food safety regulations with escalating non-compliance penalties, food processing professionals in the know continue to rely on Witte, the choice of the world’s most respected food processors including:


Witte food systems:

  • Sanitary system designs include stainless steel machinery with continuously welded seams
  • Meet USDA, FDA and 3-A standards and regulations
  • Easy personnel access to entire system for cleaning and inspection
  • Accommodates C.I.P., S.I.P. and manual washdown conditions
  • Meet exacting specifications for moisture content, product integrity
  • Prevent formation of bacteria
  • Protect delicate products from breakage
  • Ensure consistent taste and appearance
  • Ideal for ISO-certified and HACCP-participating companies

Food Engineering Turns To Witte For Energy Savings Advice:

Excerpt from “Lean, Mean, Energy Machines”
by Kevin Higgins, Jan. 2002


Witte recently designed a two-stage drying system that combines an economical cyclone dust collector with a more efficient bag collector to dry seeds. Half of the exhaust air is recirculated back into the dryer without clogging the air heater. The fresh air used in the second phase of the dryer achieves the lowest final moisture possible. Assuming the system runs 120 hours a week, recirculating exhaust will save $24, 300 a year if gas costs $5 per million Btus. “When you’re looking at $9 per million Btus, it’s ridiculous not to recirculate,” he says.

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New Sanitary Clamp!

prod10Witte’s own clamp is now available in 100%, FDA-approved, 303 stainless steel to meet USDA regulations and 3-A standards. It opens easily for instant access to the entire drying machine or system for inspection and cleaning and thrives in Clean-In-Place (CIP), Steam-In-Place (SIP) and manual washdown conditions. It’s one of the clever design elements that make our food processing equipment easy to access and clean. It permanently mounts onto the drying equipment to deliver up to 750 pounds of clamping force yet easily retracts with one hand.

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Shopping for Used Food Process Equipment

This article from Food Manufacturing offers important guidance for buying second hand process equipment that may have seen better days. Many people get blinded by the price and overlook these key considerations. Read more here.