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Witte Company History

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Witte Co. Founded
Richard Witte founds The Witte Company in New York City to fill a need for reliable material handling equipment. He begins designing vibratory conveyors, screeners, feeders and other equipment and establishes the Witte brand as the source for skilled engineering and dependable machinery.


Richard Witte verifies every machine works as specified before approving delivery, a policy that continues at Witte today.

Introducing Eugene Witte
Eugene Witte, Richard’s son, earns a degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University and grows the company through the post-WWII era with an expanded line of process equipment featuring vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers.

Introducing the Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer

Introducing the Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer
Eugene Witte, pioneers use of the fluid bed principle for heating, drying and cooling powders and bulk solids with the development and launch of Witte fluid bed dryers and coolers. Applying Witte vibratory technology proven in its conveyors led to the vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers still in use today. Also note the company innovative clamp, which allows the dryer cover to be raised for easy access.

Introducing Plastic Pellet Screen
As the plastics industry rapidly expands, Witte recognizes its screening and vibrating technology are ideal for separating plastic pellets. Witte introduces the concept of plastic pellet classifying and develops its breakthrough vibrating pellet classifier. With the help of a few key staffers, the Witte classifier becomes the industry standard and remains at the pinnacle of separating technology well into the 21st century. A similar Witte model was recently featured on the front cover of Plastics News.

Introducing Richard Witte II
Eugene’s son and Richard’s grandson, Richard Witte II, expands the customer base both domestically and internationally. To manage the increasing demand, Witte moves the company to a new facility in Washington, NJ, with 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space including a dedicated test laboratory.

1970: New Location

The Witte Company headquarters, with manufacturing and on-site test laboratory, is conveniently located off I-78 between New York and Philadelphia.

Introducing the Integral Baghouse Fluid Bed Processor
Witte devises and unveils the first vibrating fluid bed processor with an integrated baghouse collector that allows products with small particle sizes to be dried and cooled without being lost in the airstream. Instead, fines are recycled and returned to the process. Conventional fluid bed processors simply could not process small particle sizes effectively and still cannot to this day. Details on how it works here.

Production of Witte’s 400 Series Classifier Soars
Leveraging expertise in fluid bed heat transfer and in vibratory screening, Witte developed and introduced the first-ever plastic pellet classifier combining drying, cooling and classifying in a single, compact unit: the Witte 400.

Tyson Witte Joins The Witte Company

Tyson Witte, Richard’s son, begins work at the company after earning  a degree in mechanical engineering from Lehigh University. The company continues to develop new ways to modernize its manufacturing capabilities while continually improving its core products.

Growth Continues
The Witte Company expands its manufacturing facilities for the second time at its Washington, NJ site,  adding valuable space for equipment finishing and final assembly.