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Resources Latest News Innovative Fluid Bed Drying System Eliminates Carryover Product Losses

Innovative Fluid Bed Drying System Eliminates Carryover Product Losses

Savvy Design Captures And Returns 100% Of Fine Material Into Process

Washington, NJ: An innovative fluid bed drying system from the Witte Company, Washington, NJ, features an integral bag collector unit that captures 100% of entrained product and returns the fine material into the fluid bed for processing. Leveraging its signature vertical air flow engineering with its unique placement of the integral bag collector unit atop the fluid bed, the Witte system excels in the continuous drying of sugars, spices, grains, cereals, detergents, ion exchange resins, vitamins and sawdust, as well as other food, pharmaceutical, chemical, wood and mineral products as fine as two microns.

Fluid Bed Dryer

By placing the integral bag collector atop the fluid bed dryer at the source of the vertical airstream, the cost-saving Witte system allows for the high airflow that increases drying capacity and reduces required dryer size while saving the 10% of product loss commonly accepted as carryover in remote dust collection systems. In addition, the compact Witte system eliminates the need for the complex ductwork, conveyors, drums, handling equipment, maintenance crews and costly downtime associated with remote dust collection systems.

“It upsets me to see companies literally throwing away 10 percent of their product during drying and accepting it as standard procedure – given that material prices continue to rise and that we offer a solution proven to eliminate this costly waste,” says Richard Witte, president of the company founded in 1938.

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