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One-of-a-Kind Closed Cycle Drying System Enables Contract Chemical Processor to Change Products Quickly While Eliminating Exhaust to Atmosphere

New System Provides Flexibility To Dry Solvent-Based Products, Pesticides, Chemicals

Washington, NJ: A unique closed cycle fluid bed drying system by the Witte Co., Washington, New Jersey, features a breakthrough design that enables contract chemical processors to speed product changeovers and reduce cross-contamination risk without exhausting any air to the atmosphere during the production of herbicides, pesticides, detergents, soaps, disinfectants, cleaners, strippers, electrochemicals and other flammable and non-flammable solvent-based products and chemicals.

The self-contained Witte system includes an integral bag collector placed atop a fluid bed dryer to permit the processing of powders down to 10 microns, capturing 100% of entrained product and returning the material for further processing and discharge. An environmentally responsible approach, the Witte system then cools the exhaust air to condense and reclaim the solvent and/or water for reuse without exhausting any air into the atmosphere. In the case of flammable solvents, the Witte system permits the use of nitrogen as the process gas, eliminating the need for explosion vents or suppressant systems.

Engineered for easy access and cleanability, the innovative Witte system permits the entire fluid bed drying section to roll in and out via a clever slide-rail mechanism, enabling a single process or maintenance engineer to reach and clean the section between batches without any tools, hoists or lifting equipment. With its designed-in cleanability, the versatile Witte system delivers the flexibility needed to accommodate a diverse range of customers, products and batch sizes.

Featuring a compact footprint, the Witte design permitted a major contract chemical processor to install the system without expanding its facility, reconfiguring its processing lines or adding maintenance crews.

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