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Witte sludge drying system

Paper Product Manufacturer Replaces Round Dryer with Witte Fluid Bed Dryer to Eliminate Screen Blinding and Reduce Cleaning

Witte Increases Capacity, Speeds Drying Of Paper Waste Sludge

High-Velocity Witte Dryer Prevents Sap Buildup
And Its Gooey, Hard-To-Clean Clogs

Washington, NJ: A fluid bed dryer from process equipment manufacturer The Witte Co., Washington, New Jersey (, has enabled paper product manufacturer Complete Spill Solutions, Watertown, New York, to eliminate downtime by expanding the capacity and unleashing the flow of its paper waste sludge drying operation. Replacing a large, round dryer demanding frequent, time- and labor-intensive shutdowns to remove gooey wood sap clogs from its screen, the Witte dryer efficiently dries the wet sludge at a high velocity and low temperature to prevent the formation of sap while meeting moisture and cleanliness specifications that permit product use as a cleaning sorbent.

Engineered with the proprietary Witte Wedge Wire deck instead of sintered screens, the Witte dryer maintains openings for vertical airflow without creating dead spaces where sap could cling, virtually eliminating the potential for clogging and its associated downtime for cleaning and startup. The Witte dryer is designed with a cover that a single operator can quickly open to reveal the entire dryer for access and cleaning.

To address the potential volatility of the sludge from some of its chemical contents, the Witte dryer also includes built-in fire nozzles and a temperature sensor.

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