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Pioneering Wedge-Wire Deck Replaces Drilled Hole Deck to Prevent Product Blockages and Ease Cleaning in Fluid Bed Drying

Washington, NJ: Fluid bed dryers and coolers from processing machinery and drying equipment manufacturer The Witte Company, Washington, New Jersey, feature wedge-wire decks that significantly increase drying efficiency vs. outdated drilled hole decks. Permitting intimate product contact with the drying air, the Witte Wedge-Wire Decks replace the 1/8″ hole on one-inch center drilled hole decks that trap product and block flow with tapered slots measuring 1/100″ on 1/8″ centers. This wedge, or triangular wire construction, establishes immediate openings for airflow that prevent blinding and ease cleaning. In addition, the Witte Wedge-Wire Decks allow a more gentle airflow that prevents product degradation, promotes product advance and ensures plug flow.

While old-fashioned drilled hole decks require frequent, hole-by-hole cleaning to remove trapped product, the smooth, Witte Wedge-Wire Decks may be cleaned quickly and easily by a single operator with no tools and at less frequent intervals. Line downtime and manual labor are reduced, product quality is assured and product waste is minimized.

The Witte Wedge-Wire Decks are manufactured from FDA-approved stainless steel and are ideal for drying and cooling foods, beverages, dairy products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals, metals, plastic pellets and other products.

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