Witte Fluid Bed Dryer
Witte dryers gently cradle virtually any product from the most delicate snack chip to the heaviest rock product while assuring particle integrity and ultimately meeting your tightest drying specifications.
Witte Fluid Bed Cooler
Witte coolers invite heat transfer air or gas to pass up vertically through the product, creating the high degree of fluidization that promotes maximum air contact with the product surface.
Plastic Pellet 200 Classifier
Witte easy-clean plastic pellet classifiers seperate "fines" and "overs" from on-spec material with such precision that nearly 50% of the world's plastic resin is classified on Witte equipment.
Plastic Pellet 700 Classifier
The 700 Series screens the product twice for double the uniformity.
Plastic Pellet 400 Classifier
The Witte 400 combines dewatering, dedusting, drying, cooling and screening in a single unit.
Vibrating Dewaterer
Witte dewaterers provide an inexpensive means of seperating large quantities of liquids from solids.
Vibrating Screener
Witte gravity type screens are available in single or double seperation models for maximum overs and fines removal.
Vibrating Conveyer
Gently feed, move and screen dry, granular, free-flowing, and non-free flowing products efficiently and cost-effectively.
Vibrating Packer
Gently compact up to 4,500 lbs. of material in a container while protecting product integrity and adding rigidity to the container.
Witte Clamp
If you need both a tight seal during operation and easy operator access for quick cleaning and maintenance, this clamp is for you. New sanitary design, too!
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New Fluid Bed Dryer Increases Production By 50% While Saving $60,000.00 Per Year In Maintenance.
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